Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics from the Ground Up

by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer

There isn’t “Drawing” and then “Perspective Drawing.”  All realist/representational Drawing is Perspective Drawing.  Perspective in drawing adds the viewer/artist into the picture.  Here’s the scene, here’s the subject . . . where is the viewer?  Are we looking down?  Up?  Straight Across?  Are we close to the subject or far away from it?  If you’re not drawing in perspective, you’re diagramming (as in a blueprint).  Even Picasso and the Cubists didn’t abandon perspective, they mixed multiple, shifting viewpoints into the representation of a single subject.

When I started drawing comics, I realized the perspective I’d been taught at art school, and learned in books, just wasn’t up to the job of inventing complicated scenes.  When Impact Books started talking with me about writing a perspective manual, I surveyed comic book artists and illustrators asking them what they wished people had taught them when they were first setting out.

Then I tried to write the book we all wish we’d had.

Vanishing Point is billed as “for comics” but the  information is the solid basis for representational art in any genre, whether done by hand or digitally.


Tutorial: Perspecitve: Start to Finish

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Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics from the Ground Up

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