Award-winning artist Jason Cheeseman-Meyer blends the tactile and illusionistic natures of paint to capture motion and depict human bonds and aspirations. 

To draw or paint classically requires an altered state of consciousness. The everyday visual processing that our brain uses to allow us to safely cross the street edits, simplifies, and abstracts the overwhelming visual world into an efficient system of useful data. To draw or paint “realistically” the mind must take away these pre-conscious informational overlays and perceive more of what the eye actually sees and less of what the brain sorts and interprets.

My paintings seek to pick and choose from different stages in the brain’s visual processing pathways, and act as maps that invite the viewer to enter that altered state of consciousness. They invite the viewer as well as the artist to alter their mental state until the brain is no longer tuned to be an efficient survival machine, but an encompassing experiential tool, openly engaged with the world around and the worlds within.”

Jason is available for commissions, portraits, a beer while discussing art and/or neuroscience, a game of Scrabble which he usually loses, and arguing for the continued use of the Oxford comma.


To commission portraits, please e-mail, or phone 781-320-2518

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